At Tofnatech, we build wearable-first digital transformations that leverages state-of-the-art wearable hardware in combination with cutting-edge mobile software backed by artificial intelligence, augmented reality technologies.
When it comes to enterprise-level implementations, it’s all about data security, smooth integration to backend systems, self-service content creation, and quick escalation on issue handling. Tofnatech solutions incorporate most advanced data security and retention measures; integrates smoothly with customized APIs and enables admin users to self-create/migrate enterprise data into our software suites.
Tofnatech is the Gold Partner & Authorized Reseller-Professional Services of Realwear. Realwear is the most advanced commercially available wearable display solution in the World.
Besides the products & services that Tofnatech currently offers, we also serve on feasibility studies, digital transformation journey strategy development, ROI calculations as well as custom project development for local enterprise process requirements for digital transformation with most recent technologies including artifical intelligence (predictive and prescriptive services), augmented & virtual reality, and machine learning.
Collage of multiple images shows various Taskimo WORKS task screens on different wearables and mobile devices like Realwear HMT-1, Zebra wearable terminal, tablet, mobile phone and smartwatch

Tofnatech runs global digital transformation projects

Tofnatech runs transformation projects in 30+ countries and has a logistics operation to ship Realwear products anywhere in the World.
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Global brands trust us

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